Who is Matthew Erickson?

“Yeah, I blow a hole in your face. Then I go in the house and I sleep like a baby.”

–Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino

Matthew Erickson is always one for a fight. In September 2004, like a scene out of Gran Torino, the 17 year-old heard a honk outside his home. Five young Hmong men had broken the window on his Ford pick-up. Without a second thought he raced out the door in stocking feet, unarmed, and chased them down the block. After trading blows, the police arrived to help subdue the perpetrators before they could get away. Matthew’s brother called the cops while bringing up the rear. The thieves were caught with the stolen property of a dozen other neighborhood vehicles. They had been terrorizing the city in this way all summer.

There is always a man who is hot for a fight and, ladies and gentleman, Matthew David Erickson is that man.

“I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me.”

–Andrew Jackson

Matthew Erickson’s third great-grandfather Olaf was the astronaut of the family, bringing his wife and seven children over from Sweden on a sailboat in 1865. The family settled in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, the westernmost part of our district. A true Minnesota boy – with that up nort’ accent and all – Matthew Erickson grew up in the easternmost part of the district, in suburban Cottage Grove, and currently resides on nearby Grey Cloud Island, where he enjoys sailing the mighty Mississippi when he can.

Matthew Erickson is the only candidate who served in the United States armed forces and the only one resolved to save social security, take care of our veterans, Build the Wall and finish the job in the middle east. Mr. Erickson is also the only candidate in this race to endorse Donald J. Trump, both now that it is safe and ever since June 2015, when Trump announced his bid – when Mr. Erickson also predicted Trump would be our next president.

Matthew Erickson is a sales consultant and owner/founder of Minnesota Snow Angels snow management service, providing affordable options for our seniors and vulnerable adults and protecting them from scammers. Mr. Erickson is a member of Zion Lutheran church in Cottage Grove. Mr. Erickson is not bashful about his 152 IQ and graduating St. Cloud State University in three years, paying his own way with only $13,000 in debt. From there the newly-trained historian enlisted in the United States Army with a burning desire to fight for his country. In addition to successful entrepreneurship and civic leadership, Mr. Erickson has been a janitor, a hot-tar roofer and a prayer book ad salesman. As a former congressional campaign manager and founder of Minnesota Snow Angels, Matthew Erickson has demonstrated to his family, friends, colleagues and the people of south-central Minnesota that he can lead in both the private and public realms. Matt Erickson is a champion of classic American values and royally stubborn in the execution of his duty as he sees it.

“We promised not only medical care to our warriors, but the tradition full military funeral honors upon the death of each veteran. I learned when my grandfather passed how miserably we fail to deliver. What is a nation that does not honor its warriors? That leaves its borders open and takes better care of Mexican drug dealers from than it does our seniors and veterans who built America? Soon to be nothing, that’s what.”

–Matthew Erickson