Build America First

All of us in Minnesota remember the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis. We have to stop building bridges that keep getting blown up on the other side of the world while our country is falling apart. But that is only the beginning of rebuilding America.


Washington needs to uphold its end of the social contract with the American people. We need to put these funds in a lockbox and take care of the Seniors who BUILT this Country!

BORDERS - Build the Wall

A nation is defined by its borders. We decide when to open the doors of our homes. We expect that our ways be respected. The same goes for the nation. Mexico and Saudi Arabia don’t tolerate it. Neither should we. The illegals are going back and the refugees will NOT come in. The Syrians can go to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have plenty of money to buy our politicians, so they can afford to help their neighbors.

VETERANS - Honor the Promise

The warrior is the skin of a country and we have leprosy. We promised not only to fund full medical benefits, but also full military funeral honors for each veteran. Volunteer veterans are picking up the slack, God bless them. We are miserably failing to deliver on the most important of promises. What is a nation that does not honor its warriors? Soon to be nothing, that’s what. Matt Erickson knows we need to appreciate our warriors so we can Build America First.

TERRORISM - Finish the Job!

Matt Erickson was an early supporter of the surge in Iraq and he believes we should have never cut and run.

Candidates like Jason Lewis never supported the War on Terror. He doesn’t support our military and was in favor of Obama’s foreign policy.

Matthew Erickson believes we need to support future President Trump and destroy our enemies. Strength is something our enemies understand. We need a military so big and powerful, no one on Earth will dare test us. While some in this race talk a good game, only Matt Erickson will bring a military background to the halls of Congress and have the intestinal fortitude needed to stare our enemies in the eyes. We need leadership and strength, not talking heads and weaklings.

GUN RIGHTS - Shall Not Infringe

Everyone should own a gun for self-defense and to keep government from becoming repressive.


When the honorable Colonel John Kline first ran for Congress, he had served his Country in the military and he carried the nuclear football for two Presidents.

We have one career politician in the race, one disc jockey who has a 20 year career of spewing anarchist nonsense, one establishment corporate crony who has worked on jobs councils with Obama and Pelosi, and one candidate who represents us!

Matthew Erickson is the only candidate in the race who, like Congressman Kline, made the commitment to protect your Freedoms by serving in the US Armed Forces. He is a small business owner who understands what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills. Matt Erickson is an activist who challenges the status quo and stands in the way of career politicians who have sold this Country down the river.